In addition to volunteering in Black Rock City each year, joining our Tech Team is one of a myriad of ways to participate in Burning Man. Members of our community were early pioneers of the Internet and more and more technology entrepreneurs and industry leaders are joining our ranks as Burning Man culture spreads around the world. Much like Black Rock City provides a context and container for physical creations and manifestations by artists, performer and builder collectives, this Innovation section facilitates the development of technical and virtual tools, built by our community for our community. Please note that the applications and links shown below are operated by application providers over which Burning Man exercises no control. The descriptions below have been supplied by the application providers, and Burning Man neither endorses these applications nor warrants that they operate as described.

Black Rock City can be a confusing place. The Playa Compass is a virtual map and compass to guide you. Playa Compass understands the layout of Black Rock City and shows you where you are on the pentagon, helps you find your way back to where you left your bike, and helps you navigate back to camp when the dust kicks up on the Playa. Unlike your GPS, Playa Compass knows your Playa Address – how many feet you are from the Man, and at what angle or clock hour. When you are in the city proper, where camps are established, Playa Compass displays the street address of your current location. You can use Playa Compass to navigate to specific Playa Addresses, and to mark locations that you would like to return to.

Playa Compass does not require access to the Internet to function. In August of each year, the “Golden Spike” is set, determining where the Man will be constructed. Playa Compass will be updated at that time to initialize with the Man’s location. When you are not located at BRC, Playa Compass operates in a Demo mode, with your starting location marking the Man. Be sure your GPS is turned on- some devices require this as a separate action.

Release Date: September 24, 2013
Device OS: Android
Authors: Joe Miller, David Aslanian
Contact: email
Version: Debut

Whether you’re going to Burning Man or not, iBurn 2013 is your guide to all the art, camps, and events in Black Rock City. iBurn is built to be used offline, within BRC, so you can lose your mind without losing your body.

iBurn is also open source and totally free. You can download the source code here, after gates open:

View the map online:

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Release Date: August 21, 2013
Authors: TrailBehind
Contact: email
Version: 4 (2013)

Scheduling app for year round burner related events.  From Andrew, “If you sign up, you can “rsvp” to the event and other people can see that you will be there (of course, you can be anonymous in who you say you are) and also see what events other people are going to (by clicking their avatar).  You can print a schedule too – without needing to log in.”

Release Date: October 23, 2013
Authors: Andrew Slaughter
Contact: email